Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Spring!!

I read about this book on a blog. The whole idea of
it sounded intresting to me. It is about a woman who loses
all her money in a bad investment. She is rich one day and down and out the next! 
 She goes from riches to rags in
one day. I loved to see how this woman was forced to 
look at life diffrently. It made me have very deep thoughts and
think about money diffrently. This book was very profound to
me and really spoke to me at this little rough spot in my life. 

**Disclaimer: This book does used the F-word about five times. 
Also this woman wrote a book that is about sex. It is mentioned a few times. 
I just skipped over those pages because they were a bit much. 
My library does not own this book and I had to borrow it from and
inter-library loan. FYI.

My new favorite thing in the whole wide world. 
(or not) is You Tube. I love to see what people
buy at thrift stores, dollar stores, yard sales
dumpster dive..ect ect. 
So I will be posting some of my favorite channels
in the next little while so you can partake of the joy too!! 

Happy Spring!! 

This channel: House of Aqua
 This haul: Thrift Haul

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