Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life as of lately!!

I will post my own photos again when someone
teaches me how to get the photos off my phone and on the blog!! 

*My favorite over heard conversation today. A friend was passing out mints during sacrament meeting The mints must have reminded Ms. E of gum. . Ms. E (4 years old) stated "sometimes when I chew gum it' slips right down my throat!"

*Tonight I sat down at a table of strangers at a wedding reception. I noticed the family next to me had accents and asked if they were from New Zealand. The woman stated they were and then said "You're Heather right? I know you from Facebook. Hello....Awkward long pause and lots of blushing followed!!

*Conversation I had today w/ my darling friend Benjamin (6 years old).
Me: Hey Ben who is the baby in this picture?
B: It's Jesus.
Me. I don't think it is Jesus. Is it you? ...
B: No it's Jesus!
B:Why don't you think it is Jesus?
Me: Well they didn't have disposable diapers when Jesus was born. And sadly they didn't have cameras.
B: Oh I could be wrong!

*Yesterday at church I noticed a little lady (2/3ish) doing jazz hands at me. I gave her a little wink wink and went about my business. A few minutes later she flashed the hands again! I noticed then she had noticed that we sported the same pink nail polish. I acted shocked and overly pleased, pointed to my finger nails and at her and gave her the best mid meeting jazz hands I could offer. We will be nail besties forever!!

*Funny how upon seeing my grade school teachers I become the child I was!! Saw Mrs. Romer (2nd grade) tonight and was all blushy and said in a tiny voice "Hi Mrs. Romer!"

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