Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Blown!

Snow blowing and life lessons!
*Let the snow blower do the work. It is slow but it is hard work to
force it to do anything but what it wants to do.
*You will stink of exhaust.
*You will get wet!
*You will make mistakes you'll have to go back and fix.
Making the whole process longer!
*Wear the right clothing. Pants that fall down at every turn..
Not good snow blowing attire!
*Watch a u-tube video before attempting snow blowing!
*Boots would be nice!
*While blowing, lots of other snow will fall. Don't get down!
What little (3") you do blow is better then none at all.
*Clean off your car before said snow blowing!
*You will look like a fool!
*The drowned rat look is ugly...but sometimes one
has to sacrifice. Take one for the team!
*It helps to have a song in your head the entire time!
*There is a fine art to snow blowing...and you ain't got it!
Maybe next time!!
Happy Snow Day! 

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