Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Millcreek Mojo and stuff!!

Last weekend I did the craft boutique! It was fun.
It was a lot of work and It is super intimidating!
It feels nice to pass tdarling things on to fun new homes!
I had lunch w/ the besties!
Fell in love w/ the tiny Ikea trees above!
Ran into Trader Joes and was shocked by the
number of people. Took a few pictures and decided
midday midweek is the only way to go while the place is still
"Brand New!"  Ran right back out!
The store felt so Portlandesqu!
I wanted a tiny sparkley tree! 3.99!
 I would have got one had the lines not
been super de duper de long!

I swooned over the boxwood wreaths!! So darling
and for ten bucks WHY NOT!!
I'll make another trip someday when the place isn't
WALL TO WALL people. Until then
I'll just fill my head w/ tiny trees and boxwood wreaths!
Almost died on the way home. This is the play by play on facebook:
"While driving on I-15 tonight I found my self in inches of unharmed snow on the freeway and no cars to follow. I decided I'd drive "dead center" (bad choice of words?) and pray for the best!! Holy cow my arms hurt, I was holding on for dear life!! Wozers!!"
Happy Holidays!
Glad to be back!!
(Darn Blogger!)

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