Saturday, December 1, 2012


*Today I woke up early and was "done sleeping". It was weird!
*I am so tired I could swoon!
*Sorry Mary Kay I don't pay thirty bucks for a tube of nothing.
*My Nephew is a serious fella!
*Just because something is a big deal to you...doesn't me it is to me!
*I can't find things often!
*I've misplaced the Christmas count down blocks!
* I wish I had a sweet sewing machine!
*I wish I could sew!
*Being cold is so un-cool!
*I am to tired to down load picture to blog about and it is to dark to take more.
*People are mostly insane!
*I went on a city home tour and it was mostly lame!
*I went to walmart and spent way more then I needed to. I sware
you get in the building and lose your mind there.
*I love seeing a Christmas tree tied to the top of a car.
*I wore a to hot of a sweat shirt today and swore I'd change a million
times but never did quite do it.
*I sometimes do little homemade hair cuts and mostly regret it!
*I have love the warm balmy weather lately.
More later!
Merry Christmas!

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