Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love or something like it!

So I worked on my little road side
cabinet last weekend.
I used the new product I heard so much about
and I thought I'd give you a review!
That is him in the middle
His name is Howard!
This product is about 9 dollars and I got it at Home Depot in Ogden
Howard states that it is everything in a can. It smooths, stains and finishes.
It does what it states. Here is what I disliked!

Unless you are super human it leaves undone spots. Meaning the spots you missed!
If you look you can see little missed spots on the darling below!
Also I am not a fan of a glossy finish. Howard offers a glossy finish.
MMM not a fan! Other wise it was fun and did what it said it would!
I might find an application where I love it so I will try it again!

Some other products I use often!
Danish oil. It is like self tanner and lotion for furniture. No finish
just a big fat drink for dry wood! Love it!

Mr. on the left is to brake down a not so good finish.
You can also use this to remove varnish or distress a piece.
I love this stuff and use it a lot!!

Lotsa Love!!

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