Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Nephew...

Dear Nephew,
You will be here is just over 2 months. I can't wait!
You'll be super darling I just know it!
I have decorated your room 200 x over in my minds eye.
Stripes, polkadots and hippos and ric rac are must haves I know you agree!
Your mommy is very nice I am sure you'll LOVE her, but alas
she dose not share the same decorating need I do.
Where I see dust ruffles and perfectly placed knick nacks
she sees only burp clothes and nose suction.
She is a nuts and bolts lady and I am a decorate and primp
kinda auntie! Would you mind darling baby boy kicking her a few
times (softly) in the ribs and let's see if we can
get her to see things in a "Thrifted goodness!" "Better now then later."
 "Good things take time" kinda way!
Reminder her too that Auntie loves this kinda stuff and is
ready to get started any minute!!

 I love you!

P.S. I saw these today! Pipe cleaner heart garland. HELLO! So cute and
so simple. This is a must have for today!
Happy Day!

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Harmony said...

Fyodors just a simple man; he likes simple things!