Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Lights

* Last night the power went out for an hour. I slept right through it.
*Laurie the above lights are 2.00 and 3.oo? Your flavor? Let me know!
*I ate at Subway today and found a weevil in my sandwich. I checked over
my sandwich over and over and then just ate it.
 I knew if I didn't there would be hell to pay! 
How many weevil have I eaten in my life I wonder!? SICK!
*I found a real beauty on the side of the road today
w/ a free sign. My dad was the scout and gave me the tip!
Will wonders never cease!
* I rolled my eyes today more then I ever have..ever.
 (Maybe not ever but close)
*I called to leave a message on someone voice mail today and
forgot my cell phone #!! I AM TURNING INTO MY MOTHER!!!
*Did I already state that my phone is to smart for me? It is!

Happy Friday!!

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