Friday, February 10, 2012

Just my cuppa tea!

The last two days have been awful! Really kicked me in the rear! Really!
But on Wendsday I went on quite the adventure! I thought
I'd share. Most great things happen when I am just minding my own business!
I was having a little look see at the other day
I saw an ad for a company looking for creative minded people to come to a one hour panel
and share their ideas on the company's products. That was all that was said.
I signed up and forgot a bout it. A week later I got an e-mail asking me to verify
that I was still interested. It  stated the date and the time..and I noticed it was on my day off.
I signed up thinking for sure it was a hokes.

It wasn't. I went to the Raddison downtown SLC and talked to
people about what I liked of didn't like about their crafty product!
(I can't say the company because I signed away my life saying
I wouldn't!) It was so fun to have someone PAY me for give'n them
a piece of my mind. I told my sister it was my dream job!
 I was there 45 minutes. I was paid 50 BUCKS!
and I was given 50 dollars worth of product from the company. Fifty
dollars worth of product of MY choosing!

You bet I'll be looking for more of those "Jobs"!

Thank goodness for happy endings! 

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