Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yesterday looked like this!

Remember how I won a 25.00 give away from Hollyhocks and Honeybees? Well this is what I got!! I love free!!  (gray day = bad lighting)

I dare say the "Hive" where the Honeybee lives was one of the best treats! It was quite the adventure getting there..but once I made it...OOO la la! See the 25 on the mantel..LOVE!

There Christmas tree was HUGE and in the center of the big room. Way to plan a head Mrs. Bee and put a plug in the middle of the room!!

 Loved the little chairs on top of everything! SO CUTE!

 There is that cute 25 again! Stools as an end table?? Cute!

Cute item for sale! Who doesn't love a bird?

 Are you kidding me w/ how awesome this kitchen is!! My word! Look the metal stools under the bar!

See the little chairs again!! And look at the framed music just above the desk!

 I love that little metal cake plate (w/ the candy canes on it) do you think Santa makes those?

 We meet up w/ a few close friend (all strangers to me) and did a little "Shop-o-thon". These were the ladies who attended:

Shelley Smith @houseofsmiths

Char Coester @crapivemade

Hilarry Rosenhan

Sarah Larsen @sarahlovesitall

lyndsey @paperlyndsey

Anne Probasco

Ashlee @imtopsyturvy


Natalie Malan

Sarah McCammon

Sydney Lindsey

Heather Robison


Missy Harding @thinkurcrafty

Rachel Swan

Holly Cole


Susan Petersen @freshlypicked

Brianna Sonkens

Faith Jennings

Julia Lund

Danyelle Mathews @dandeedesigns

Marilyn Lott @passionista

Lindsay Stoyan @lovelylindsay

Kristin Andelin

Nichole Huntington

Later I saw these!! SO CUTE!!

Awe Junk and new friends...what could be better!


Honeybee said...

Cute pictures! I might have to copy some of them to use on my blog. Thanks again for coming- Mrs. Bee :) I'll try to have more #25's avaliable for sale next year- SOLD OUT! They are always a favorite- very popular.

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Mrs. Bee your house was darling and the 25 super cute! I'll come again when I win next year!! Hint Hint!

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

What a fun blog you have!! Hello, my name is Nicole. I am the creator of Leila Birds Nest. I was so happy to find out you chose one of my necklaces at the Hive. Thank you so much for venturing up to the show. I am excited I now have a new fun blog to follow. Hope to see you at the next Hive! :)