Monday, December 27, 2010

They came bearing gifts...

I decided last Christmas I want to make a better record of Christmas happenings! The night Jesus was born 3 wise men brought him gifts and came to worship him. In that same Christmas tradition I bought my self some BOOTY!!

 My favorite? The 7.00 cake plate from DI! LOVE! The clock is from my baby sister! Also love!

 Pink Polka dot lunch sack, darling mittens, super cute stamps (1.00 DI). Do you see that cute pillow my darling friend Callie made...yes I said MADE!!

Stocking stuffer and my $4.00 BRAND NEW Dansco Shoes.


Callie said...

Someone must have been extra good this year! What a fun bunch of gifts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake plate and so jealous of it. Seriously how do you find these good deals. You are like magic or something. Sprinkle some of that magic dust my way :) So glad you liked the pillow.

Callie said...
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