Tuesday, January 12, 2010

(Million) Dollar Section Anyone?

If there is a dollar section in ANY store...that is where I head first. I joked w/ a lady today that they should call it the "Million Dollar Section". It wouldn't be false advertising!!

Today when I popped in to Michael's I found these!!! No not a ring!! A super darling (dollar) drawer pulls!! These babies are beefy too!! They had a few flavors I came home w/ a few of these!!

File folders!! Hello cuteness!

And aren't these cards "Cute as a Button"!!! Hello and do you see an aqua theme? Me too!! Oh Aqua I love you!!

The sun refused to shine today..hidden behind a blanket of black gunk in the sky. Oh sun I miss you!! That is the reason the pictures are poor! I should make a photo light box!!


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Fun stuff! I love walking out of a store spending less than I would on lunch.

Petit Elefant said...

Oh how I heart dollar sections. I'm a total dollar store whore.

Breanna said...

I too am ready for the sun to shine. Man I am getting cabin favor just a little sun? OMG it would be so nice

Harmony said...

I need some more little multipurpose cards, so if you go back, grab me some! Also, I already suggested a photo light box like months ago!! You should totally make one. You could do a photoshoot with our favorite puppy, Lulu, in it on a test run!!