Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cheap Glasses

I love a good deal!! No really! I REALLY love a good deal!! One night many moons ago I was surfing and read here about a deal just to good to be true!! Eye glasses for 8.00 (plus shipping)! I was aghast! After much thought I decided to give it a try. If worse came to worse I could eat 12 dollars!! The top pair was my "old" Eddie Bauer expensive glasses and the bottom ones are my new darling glasses!! A little tine up date is good!! Go here to check out the deals!! They also do SUN GLASSES!! Oh I need some sun glasses!! I am excited!! Go check em out and share in the cheapness glow!!


Rita E said...

Great buy!! My son has bought glasses from Cheap After add-ons we paid $80, but A LOT less than $200 at Wal-Mart! Has had no problems with them. Either site is great!

Kammy said...

I checked out thier website as I could use another pair of glasses - I think I will take the plunge soon - can't believe how cheap - thanks for sharing !