Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A walk down Thrifty Lane!

This is SOME of the stuff I saw at the thrift store today and REALLY wanted. But alas I can't have everything I want or I'd be a hoarder on Oprah!

These darling darling vintage plates, a huge stack, .50 cents each!! Sighhhh.

This cute one dollar suit case. It was tiny like 1' long. So cute!! (The inside was thrashed!!)
Darling Shabby Chic 4 poster bed. CUTE!!! (Turn your head to the side) $12.00.
This is what came home w/ me: A cute vintage lunch box. I think I'll paint it!! Three silver spoons..I'm going to try to stamp them!! Total $1.75.

So friends it looks like I am getting CLOSE to my 200th post. That means a 200th post GIVE AWAY!! I love Give Aways!! So check back soon!!!


misselaineous said...

Hey Heather Don't know how you passed by those plates...they're really sweet colors...But cannot wait till your 200th post...I love giveaways!! Yippee! Show us what you do with those spoons soon, okay? *elaine*

Thrifted Treasure said...

Great finds! Cannot believe you didn't buy that aqua case though!! I would die if I saw one that gorgeous!!