Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home Town News!

My local town just got a paint store!! Come on friends let's support it!!

"My High School" is being torn down...I dreamt of this day every day of those long 4 years!! GO BEES!!


misselaineous said...

sad to see your old high school has been demo'd...LOL at the wish it had happened while you were attending! The fork from the previous post is too cool...i assume the stamps you used are metal? didn't check out the site...later...i have some neat old postal metal stamps like Handle with Care...wonder if i could hammer those into metal...just what i need...a new project!!! :o} Happy Sunday *elaine*

misselaineous said...

Me again...just checked out the site for the letter tools...OooOO! Gotta get me a set of those..and the price is fabo!!! *elaine*