Thursday, July 30, 2009

200th POST GIVE AWAY!!!!

Enter to Win!!: 1.Victoria's From Heart and Hand Book. Three Daisy D's card stock die cut tag packages! Two Vintage Pretty Petals Packages.

Thanks for visiting! Thanks for commenting! Happy Junking!!

To enter just leave a comment.


Bentley Sullivan said...

Hope I win!! I check your cute web page everyday, I am always amazed by your finds and talent!

misselaineous said...

I'm lucky number 2...put my name in that hat...or bowl...or however you draw the name...pretty please. I always enjoy your blog. Visit a couple times a week with my AM coffee. Have agreat weekend, it's almost here. *elaine*

svelteSTUFF said...

200 - WOW! Congratulations!! Count me in as #3!!

randee said...

oops, i forgot to enter by commenting.

i love your short posts with the fantastic photos. i wish i could be so short-winded : )

blessings -


Gandhali said...

oooo me too, thanks!! your blog is cute + happy :)