Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brown Bag'n It!!

I needed a little good old American cheap craft so....

1. Grabbed a brown bag (large)
2. Cut it up.
3. Hot glued the sides. Stuffed the big ones w/ batting and just glued the little ones shut.
4. Painted
5. Used the eraser of a pencil to make polka dots (stars).
6. Distressed the edges w/ scrapbook chalk.
7: Glued on ribbon, glued to a twig or glued on twine!!

Ta da! American love for FREE!!

My neighbor called and said she had some junk for me:

I tell ya it calls TO ME!! I can't get away from it!!


Anonymous said...

My darling husband would love that "junk" especially the wash basin... we've been eyeing one very very similar to this one.

Payday for you!!

Love your thrifty craft idea!

widi said...

Good idea. Sweet flag.