Saturday, August 10, 2013


I live the world's weirdest life!
Let's talk about today!
*I can't park in a big city...I just can't!
*No one at Pottery Barn will talk to me
I must have "Thrift Store" tattooed to my forehead!
*I eat lunch alone at restaurants..some find that horrifying..
I find it quiet!
*I switched from my little purse into a big purse today
and forgot to swap over my eye drops and Ibuprofen.
I nearly died!
*I ran into someone I blog stalk but she doesn't know I blog stalk her
so it was weird cuz I had to pretend I had no idea who she was. SO WEIRD!
*When leaving Craft Lake City! I had to yell "HELLOooooo"
to the person in the little both because they were asleep and I needed to
pay for parking. It was so weird and so funny!!
*My nephew was trying to put on a shirt that she sitting on the arm of the
sofa...I helped him. He looked like he was wearing
 a dress when his parents returned!
Sadly they'll never ask me to babysit for him again!!
*When dropping off my sisters stuff at DI, I unloaded the stuff and
handed it to the guys. One kid stood right behind me
and I nearly stepped on his toes. He smiled at me and said
"I'm ok I have steel toes on!"
Awesome!! Awesome!
*I left my super tasty drink in my sisters fridge!
Happy weekend and Happy Happy Summer!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your list--and the W! Why are these vintage light-up letters so expensive?? Well, I know why, but why can't I just find one at a yard sale for $5? That would be a day.