Saturday, August 10, 2013

Craft Lake City 2013

I love a good craft!
I love a great adventure!
Today they both came together in
Craft Lake City!!
After last year I swore I'd never go again!
This year was just as hot but my word it is like
Etsy threw up and who doesn't want to be involved in that!!
I mean really folks!
I loved this awesome photos below!
SO amazing and artsy! The developed then as
you watched! It was awesome!!
See what they do HERE!
(I leaned about this place too..I'll have to visit!!)
I loved this burlap bunting!

I also LOVED this little shop.
I did a quick walk through before my sister met
up w/ me and saw this shop and the owner
looked like someone I had once known.
Later I walked by and in a totally weirdo way
introduced my self. This is my friend Teacher Jenny!
We work together 14 years a go and she then married and
moved to New York. I have thought about her often and
wondered where she was and how she was and I happened on her
@ Craft Lake City!! Small world! You know what makes it
even smaller? She lives 15 minutes from me!! Crazy huh??
I know I know!! I can't believe it either!
Well Miss Jenny has always had good taste!
and she now has a sweet little shop called.
Go to Jenny's site and buy her stuff!!
Oh heck I hope I grow up to be as
 cool and as cute as her. She is the best!!
I have a headache and my eyes
 burn from over heating today!
What won't I do for a good CRAFT!
Happy Summer!!

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