Thursday, August 22, 2013


Not long ago I handed my darling little nephew a new plastic shovel
he quickly raised it to his ear and check in w/ his peps!
Same above Nephew was talking to me via video chat and
was showing me how he learned to use a spray bottle.
He pointed it right at the screen trying to "get me" wet
 and then his mom quickly ended the chat
to wipe of her overly water tablet!!
*I have been sick. The death of head colds!
*It is far to hot for me!
*I don't do stress well!
*Remember when I went to the 365 SWAP?
We'll someone asked me to help them host one locally!!
If you want an invite..let me know and I take bribes!  
*I need my hair cut nearly every day!
*I bought some super fun stuff at the Lavender House
Yard Sale!! I heart a good yard sale.
*I love grapes!
*Can't wait till fall!
*Tonight I am making a yummy dinner....hope it works out!!
*After nagging and begging and throwing a fit. Microsoft let me
back into my e-mail account!! I feel whole again!!
Off to take a nap..and sleep off the rest of this head cold!

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