Sunday, April 8, 2012

*Today I felt frazzled and out of sorts! Stress is
my middle name...more so lately.
Today as I walked into church I noticed
no one else was walking in w/ me.
I walked in and sacrament meeting was just ending.
It was then I realized church started at 1 o'clock and
not 2.  It's WORK that starts at 2 daily! Sighhh!

*Today I taught Nursery. I held up this picture and asked my sweet class
of two year olds who this was. Hoping they'd recognize Jesus.
A sweet little Blakely stated. "Oh that is Jesus and Mary"
Her voice so quiet and super sweet!
Hello I didn't know that till I was in High School!!!

* Today I took the three kids who where in
nursery out to a grassy area to run and play.
My sweet special needs co-teacher was walking quietly behind me.
I prompted the kids to look both ways before we crossed
the deserted parking lot. After the kids played for a few minutes
I looked over and noticed my co-teacher still standing across the parking lot.
I called to her to come over and play w/ us but she refused.
I quickly ran over and asked her why she wouldn't join us.
She "couldn't cross the street w/ out holding my hand"!
So sweet and innocent!

*Nephew in nine days or less!

*Leggings at church? Undecided!

*Easter candy? YES PLEASE!

Happy Easter!

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