Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ninety Nine, Rubish and The Gap!!

My favorite 99 year old friend  had a birthday this week!
My new favorite and fast way to decorate 4 a party?
Paper plate polka dots! Cute, easy and CHEAP!!

I wanted a dog prof trash can. I have walked by this for
days at the thrift store. It was GROSS!
This is the first project  to date
that I have dry heaved while re-hab-ing!
(PS Love the show Rehab Addict...what a fun life she leads
plus she is super tough for a little lady!)
(Primer on lid!)


If I don't smell like Gap "So Pink"
I forget who I am.  Today I went here.
I think Gap is pricey..but not it's outlet.
T-shirts for under 10 bucks. Cute shoes 8-10.
Flip flops 3.00. Most things are 50-70% off.
The baby clothes to die for!!
Check it out! Who doesn't look better in CHEAP?

I have another finished project
but sadly my point and shoot camera
is totally on the fritz...GRRR!!

I'll see what I can do and post soon!
Happy beautiful summer like day!!


Pam said...

Very cool shade of blue. Wonder if your dog will learn how to step on the lever to open it. We have one of those trash cans that opens automatically when you put something near the lid. We bought it before we got our latest dog and it took her all over 2 minutes to figure it out.

Gayle said...

Where is the Gap Outlet? I'd love to check it out too.

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

The one I went to is on Riverdale right next to RC Willy!!