Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mad Season!!

My nephew couldn't be cuter!! I love the little guy so much!
If he didn't cry in the middle of the night, and breast milk wasn't
his meal of choice.
 I'd totally steal him.
His funny little hat reminds me of this and this!

Other deep thoughts!

I am ripe for an awesome YARD SALE!
Dumpster Diving can't be soon enough!
I love the overly blossomy smell in the air!
I love to see what others find at yard sales!!
I am envious of the SNAP attendees!
I dream of an amazing summer vacation!!

Happy Spring!

1 comment:

caThiE said...

Hi Heather, I found your blog while browsing blogs while I really should be getting ready for our flea market. Hmmm, blogs are fun, aren't they? You say you're ripe for an awesome sale? Come to our flea market, flea.o.logy, this Saturday, May 5th, in Payson. Check out our blog for details. Hope to see you there, I think you'll like it!! Cathie