Thursday, November 17, 2011


-Yesterday a homeless smelly man approached me and
 informed me my shoes didn't match my pants.
He also said my jacket was a few colors off.
-I had the worlds worst headache last night!
-I had my FORTH birthday dinner last
 night...and I am sure it will take months to
work of last nights dinner!
-I love to win blog giveaways!
- I sware I think more about my
 sister wedding decor then she does! (It's how I roll)
-When I sell things on KSL it is like magic.
-Last night while quietly sitting in my car,texting and singing Christmas music
a friend approached my car and scared me 1/2 to death.
 I honestly pooped my pants...and screamed a few
octaves higher then I have in a long time. Thanks Jill!

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