Saturday, November 5, 2011


*Today it snowed!
*I awoke after hitting the snooze no less then 5 times. I looked
at the clock and thought "I don't do 8:03 well".
*Today I learned a lot.
*I hob knobed w/ those on TV and..and learned they are just like us!
*I leaned that most people are just people.
*I was reminded how much I hate to scrape my car...but
decided I'd feel blessed for having a car.
*I remembered how blessed a nap is.
*I learned that sometimes you have to pull out the
 "sensible shoes" and forget the cute shoes! Just for comfort sake!
*I confessed my fashion icons to be my
 friend Karen and a ten year old in my ward.
*I suggested "my temple" and Maddox
 as hot spots to those visiting from out of town!

All that and the day is through..and I couldn't be more pleased!

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