Friday, November 11, 2011

JJ Cole Baby!

Today I had to run to Logan for work.
I saw another blue banner where the Down East Sale
was last month. It was a JJ Cole Baby blow out!
My little sister has a baby bump and so I thought I'd take a look see.

What do you say is a "must have" for a new tiny one?


Callie said...

A diaper bag is a must...between the 2 that you showed I don't know the difference other than price but both seemed like good deals and they both looked like they came with the mat/diaper/wipe little clutch (which I use all the time now that Liv is older and I don't need as big of bag). I didn't have a car seat canopy with Liv (I just used a blanket) but I made one for this next baby. Not a necessity but really nice to have. Nursing covers are a must as well, trying to nurse just using a blanket as a cover is ridiculous.

Harmony said...

You know why I like Callie? Because she agreed that my cute new JJCole diaper bag was worth the extra $16 dollars for the darling one!! No hunter orange for me. Good find, Laffy!