Friday, May 6, 2011

SWAP 365

So after looking for the address for no less then 45 minutes...I found the location of the 365!

Look how cute this wood door fence is!!

And the floor! A perfect dance floor. I didn't test it out I'm just assuming!

We all signed this massive chalkboard wall. So fun. Wouldn't this be awesome year round. Oh the hours of FUN!!

Cute decor and Ms. Honeybee!

I love pink and polka dotted!

Super DELISH cupcakes!!

Take a seat..any seat! I chose an aqua one. Aren't they cute...not even one the same!!

So the whole idea of this little party was to bring 7 cute things and leave w/ 7 OTHER darling things. Get it SWAP!! We all had 7 clothes pins...and stuck them on something we'd love to have...if no one else wanted was ours...if other clothes pins showed up...then sighhhhhh...we had to draw out of a hat. Those who didn't win had to choose another fun object! All left overs went to a yard sale of a little girl w/ a medical need!

This is one of my goodies! I shared! I got this in England!

And these!

MORE stuff to swap. It was hard to decide!

Even MORE...

Old piano turned into a CANDY BUFFET!! Yummers!

This is the loot I came home w/. The barn star is already aqua and above my bed!

I'd love to do a local SWAP...would you been willing to help?

PS: STUDIO 5 Was there...and they filmed the whole thing!!
Check it out on Thursday May 12 @ 11:00am Chanel 5.

Thanks for the invite Cultivate Ladies!!


blog n' tell said...

It was so fun to meet you at the swap!

Honeybee said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing & coming to the Swap, glad you finally found it. Be sure to watch Thursday, so exciting!
Ms. Honeybee {I love that you call me that, thanks!}

McKell said...

oh i would love to have a swap! it looks so fun :) i heard you are from good ol BC, so am i! i just had a baby so i'd love to help as much as i can or at least be invited to a swap. keep me posted if you decide to do one. i have lots of friends that would love to go too!!
love your cute blog. said...

What the heck Heather? Okay, we didn't know each other when this all went down but next year we are definately going to have to go together. Also, yes. Lets do one up here in Brigham. Next time I see you we will talk about this.