Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby NPS!

I have the hugest crush on NPS..but it is more then an hour I can't go everyday! Sighh! Good news though. There is a Baby NPS not to far from home. I went to the first time today!

They have sports clothes...starting at 5.00. Nice!

Isles of Grocery store "stuffs", shoes and Loft House Cookies!

Even furniture. These darling were 30 dollars for a pair! Cute! I knew someone I knew had these ..hmmm..after much thought and a little blog's Ms. Honeybee!!  I shoulda guessed she does have the cutest house..even if it is in the middle of no where!!

I didn't NEED anything..I just went to check the place out...and I did find a few must haves!

Apple Sauce for my sack lunch tonight 1.00
Pesto..(YUMMERS) .50
My friend Bentley swearers by the spray on retails for 14.00. It was 3.00
Organix Shampoo retails for 6.00...3.00.

I'll have to admit not a many scream'n deals as NPS but will do nicely in a pinch! 


Honeybee said...

OH, my gosh- my stools! {I paid a lot more than $30 for mine- dang it!} WHERE is this place I must know, please tell. Also sorry I still have your camera case one of these days I'll make it to the post office- just know I haven't forgot you. Ms. Honeybee

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I can a sure you Ms. Honey, that these stools were not as cute as yours...but for 15 bucks each a girl can "make do"! Click on BDO at the top of this will direct you. It is just west of the Ogden DI. It is in the defence depto. FUN FUN!!