Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Junk? I think not!!

This old window...totally up for grabs!!

This below is a chicken feeder trough of some sort...it really is my favorite find!! Cute!!


Harmony I don't know if these lawn chair are to hassed for you?

Cute Metal Cupboard!


Tiny broken chair!

This was on the side of a vintage doll crib...the crib was broken...but wouldn't these be cute just hung in a little girls room?


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Camilla said...

Oh my goodness Heather! I cannot believe you found all those cute things! I LOVE the vintage crib picture, it is darling! And all the chairs! And we spent a small fortune on one of those hose-wind-up things last year! I have got to go check out the dumpsters...are they still out?
Awesome finds! :)