Monday, September 13, 2010


As a child one of the elementary schools I attend was over 100 years old. Because of it's age it wasn't state of the art but it had some great perks!! One of them was a "Skate Closet". What magic there was in the skate closet in which there were rows and rows of skates. We'd get our size and then spend an hour skating in the gym. What a great memory!!

A few weeks ago I saw these babies sitting in "my" thrift store. These are "my" skates! From "my" skate closet. Just another thing deemed unsafe after years of childhood joy!!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

So - any in your size??? Did you buy a pair. I remember skating in those kind too when I was a kid. Even had my 11th b-day at the Skate Ranch! It was all the rage "back in the day!" hehe Jenn

mbarker said...

Lincoln School. Good old BC!!