Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheap Chic! Weekend Edition

I love this sweet little (tiny) thrift store in my tiny town! Things are CHEAP! That is FUN!

Look at this darling stained glass leaf 5 cents!

Raw wood bracelets (I bought all of them) .25. Love!!

I happened on some yard sales while in SLC I also popped into NPS! Yard Sale: Cute hat for my Mary Poppins Haloween costume! Mineral shimmer foundation .50 and a brown stamp pad...I have been needing one for awhile! .50! You see those eye drops? I go through eye drops like no other women and they are COSTLY!! a 2 pack 99 cents at NPS...I really should have bought more!

After a highly crappy day I needed a little something something to bring a smile back to my face! See what I found at the Centerville DI?? Rachel and she was only 1.00!!! I was so excited..I almost passed out!

We have a wood salvage yard in my fair city. They use the salvage to chop up and make mulch...there is some good stuff there but they don't like you "pick it". Rude! I went and asked VERY nicely if I could have some trim from the bottom of the pile...I honestly said "Pretty Please" to the burley construction man. I used it here:

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Thrifty Chic said...

Heather, I love your finds. I've started bringing baked goods to the dump guys, maybe you should do that with your burly construction men, it might make picking a bit easier!