Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flat paint and a few letters short!

Can I just say I hate flat paint!? It should be banned from the earth!! After spending hours painting the hutch..I gave in and used semi-gloss. Flat paint has no coverage. Sighh!

I popped to the thrift store to find a doily so I could make one of these:

They wanted 3.00 for something that should of been .75. I'll keep my eyes peeled and find something great and cheap later!

While thrifting I ran into these little babies!!

Look at the cute box!!

They are brass!
I thought they would be cute to make words and set around. Alas not all the letter are there and really only a few numbers. DUH! I should checked....but I was to excited to think.

For .50 I can think of something cute to do. Any ideas?
**While I am venting I want to add...Self tanner can make you look like a pumpkin!! Also never assume you hair dresser "knows what I mean". I think I didn't explain my self very well and I feel like a Fraggle!

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Camilla said...

Oh how cute! I love the stencils. Thank you thank you for the darling little house book! It's been read all afternoon! We can't wait to get cooking. You are seriously the sweetest.