Friday, December 4, 2009

"How To" Butter Cup Hair Flowers.

I looked all over the Internet to find a "How to" on these babies..and never did find one. So here ya go.

Find some fabric like curtain sheers that have a high nylon content and make s swooshie sound when you rub them. How is that for technical?

Cut out circles. The do not have to be perfect.

Melt the edges. Be CAREFUL! I used a tall long lighter I got at the dollar store! Great for candles and great for melting fabric!!
See the edges melted?

Now just glue (hot glue..but just a tiny dot) the circles together and add a pin or a hair clip! I got some great hair clips from Hobby Lobby they look like little alligators and clips to ANYTHING!!

Some people added tiny beads and such to the center. I love this one just simple and plain. But you can decorate to your little hearts content!!
If you make some shoot me a picture!! I'd love to see them!!

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