Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Santa:

Thanks for the vintage scale!! It is darling!!

The darling red tin, FAB books, game w/ fun cards inside (see below) GREAT!! How I love a vintage mirror! I love basil! How did you know? Wool socks!?? Oh my feet thank you!!

Another blogger tipped me off on this baby!! I think I see much verb-age in my upcoming decor!!

This is from my darling baby sister. A darling note book w/ a little MASSAGE gift certificate hang'n out!! (Thanks sister!!) Yummy fruit leather! MMMM! Some CD's and my favvvvorrrite toothpaste!!

One of my friend's family traditions was..before they put away all there Christmas loot mommy would take a picture of them w/ all their stuff. How fun to see what one got in 1983 and to see how big you were. What a FAB idea!! So here is my loot!!

To all others who gave me great gifts!! THANKS!!

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Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

I love, love the scale. You really find some good things. My trips are a hit and miss...LOL!!