Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cool Feet Warm Heart!!

The high in Utah today was a freeeezing 19. I knew I needed some more wool socks. If your feet are ever cold these are a MUST and No they don't itch!!

I headed here. Such a weird and exciting place!! Look at that cold gray sky!!

I happened on these!!

One hundred and 20 feet of polka dot (and such) goodness!! 12.99!!!


Simply Lavender said...

THANKS Heather for the wool socks tip!!! I am so going to S & E tomorrow and get me some! My feet are freezing! I have wool socks but they hope these new ones will do the trick!
ALSO.......LOVE the wrapping paper!! I will be picking me up some of that too! HOORAY!
Thanks for sharing!

Stay warm! :)

Gandhali said...

ohhh the wrapping paper is LOVELY!