Saturday, May 30, 2009

A waste of a sleep in morning!

I woke up so early to attend another "city" (tiny town) wide yard sale. All it was was junk house after house!! It was very depressing!! The LAST house we hit when we drove back to our little town had quite the yield.

This darling vintage sled! So CUTE! (didn't buy it).

This darling vintage table 50 bucks! (didn't but it!)

This American flag and ribbon (I bought separate but attached them). I bought for .50.

At the thrift store I ran in to 2 pairs of BAND NEW Dansko shoes and you guessed it to small!! Size 40. Sighhh some day!!!


Anonymous said...

I do love that sled! Don't you hate it when you find nothing good after a trip out with great hopes for the find of the century!

Gayla said...

Too bad about the shoes. . .They are adorable!