Saturday, May 9, 2009

i HEART junk!!

I was thinking about this little pot just the other day and how our paths crossed! I'd always loved this pot when looking in magazines but it costs $149.99. Who needs a heart pot that expensive? Anyway one day while thrifting I happened on this little lady NEW w/ her stickers still in place!! I was so PLEASED to see her and her price $3.00. I put her in my cart and there she rode. Many people stopped me to take a look at her, one such lady told me how "awful and heavy" she was. I just smiled! This little lady came home w/ me, was listed on e-bay and was sold for around 100.00. I miss her but what a profit!! I HEART JUNK!!


lagirl said...

You're kidding??!!
Who knew?
It's cute, but it's not THAT cute! LOL

Brian and Callie said...

You are the queen of finding good things! Well done :)