Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Girls Day Out"

Today a local company hosted a "Girl Day Out"! This is what I learned!

Brook Walker from Studio 5 spoke about 5 "I AM" statements every woman should embrace! Here they are:

  • I am appreciated (That is good job enough)!
  • I am BEAUTIFUL! (Find your floss!)
  • I am passionate!
  • I am GRATEFUL! "Be still and be grateful!"
  • I am HAPPY!!

What powerful thoughts to embrace and to live by! I was happy to hear her speak!

Jill Grover spoke on decorating for yourself and not for others. Jill has used her unique style to make her world and our world beautiful. I want a job like that!!

I went to lots of other classes and learned lots of other things. It is good to have a little girl power recharge! Here is a darling display the vinyl lady had!! I love this lamp (click to enlarge)!! Ok so the lamp is hard to see in the picture but it is just a lamp shade skeleton she has tied lots of fuzzy ribbon to. Very Hip and Chic! She also has a store at The Peak..who knew!?

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lagirl said...

I can tell you're inspired and refreshed which is exactly how you should be after attending a "Girl's Day Out". I would have loved it. You're a lucky girl with a great Blog!