Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wedded Bliss!

My baby sister was married a YEAR ago tomorrow!! Because of all the "goings on" there are few pictures of all the decor in action. Here are some before shots!!

The back drop! I used a decorative hanger to hang a wall pocket full
for fresh flowers! Don't you just love that awesome srping green color!!?
The doors were like 2 dollars each at my favorite thrift store!!
We had pots of wheat grass at each table!! So cute and springy and CHEAP!

Here is all the wheat waiting to grow!! Grow wheat grow!!

Here are the napkins I based all the colors off of. Happy and Springy but rich looking!

Other Wedding Photos:

Happy Wedded Bliss Harmie and Hippy!!

1 comment:

Hippy said...

Hah, what a great wedding! <3

This year flew by. Weee! It was good to see you this weekend. I like your blog!!