Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cheap Girl Heaven!

Last summer while I was in Oregon on vacation I happened on the greatest place! It is called Grocery Outlet! They have fab stuff for cheap prices!! The one I went to had TONS AND TONS of Organic and Natural face and body products! I was in Cheap Girl Heaven!! I got a lot of stuff that I would never pay retail for! Now here I am in Utah running out of all my FAB products and 2 or 3 hours from a Grocery Outlet....what is a cheap girl to do....sigh. If you have a Grocery Outlet in your is totally worth a visit!!

I got this for 4.00 it is 9-12 dollars retail! I love this cuz it works and soaks in fast! Plus I have no non scented stuff...sometimes I don't want to smell like a lemon or a flower!! I got a HUGE 32 oz bottle of this awesome shampoo for 5.00 and I love it. These tiny bottles are 6.00 retail!

This is what I am mourning! This I got for 4.99 it is 9-12 retail...and was out today at Target and Good Earth!

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