Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bits and bobs!

*It snowed on Weds. Lots of fluffy wet snow.
*This weekend has been ideal weather.
*Looking for a job is more of a job then most jobs!
*I hate exercising!!
*My nephew had a WILD birthday party last night.
 Tons of kids.
Lots of tiny fingers tasting and touching at the buffet.
The birthday boy w/ a super soaker.
I regret not taking pictures but I was busy face painting.
Linc eating everything in site,
Love that little boys tiny smile.
Loved Fodie pulling the tissue paper out
of each gift bag w/ such a flourish. Pulling it out
straight back and over his shoulder letting it flutter to the ground
then shouting. Oh yank you!!
*I love a pay by the ounce yogurt place but my word it
totally adds up!!
*I love when I get lunch for free at Subway!
*I love a good book, but that is no secret.

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