Saturday, April 4, 2015


While shopping w/ my darling nephew "E", this happened.
"E" talks to and shouts "hello" to anyone in sight!"
 A kind grandma stopped to talk to little "E". 
She noticed all the toys in our cart, that were
 there to play w/ and not purchase. "My"
 she stated "Looks like your mommy sure loves you!"
 "E's" tiny two year olds face scrunched and he said
"No not mama! Auntie!!" "Oh" the woman stated
and quietly moved on. I love that tiny "E"
 he sure has lots to say and you can just see his tiny mind work full blast!! 
"E" also noticed a four wheeler in the back of a truck
and knew at that very moment me needed to
have it and ride it. Stating very loudly "That is Eli's four wheeler!
Eli ride it!!"
We also saw a large sign showing yummy chocolate cookies!
Eli then went into a long conversation about
how Daddy loved doughnuts and always eats them.
I asked Eli if daddy gave Eli bites he Eli said "No just daddies!"
I love Eli!! His vocabulary is catching up w/ his mind
and makes me laugh!

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