Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little Help!!

My nephews are DARLING!!
They both have quirks that make me
giggle all day long!!!
Tiny Theodore is a clean freak!
He was looking for "crumbs" and trying is best to
get every little one. The ear protection? Because he has long
vacuum sessions!!  If Mr. Dyson could fit
into his crib I am sure he'd nap w/ him.

*Today is beautiful!
*My head cold still lingers a tiny bit!
*When gathering w/ long lost friends awkward things
are said and asked!
*This fall a new little bundle will join 2 of my sisters little families.
I wanted pink but one is blue. I will love him no matter.
*A little boy approached me the other day. He only spoke Spanish,
I only English. He told me all about his favorite train Thomas and
all about Choo Choo Trains. I didn't understand another single word
but it was the best conversation of the day!
*A neighbor will turn 101 tomorrow. What stories she can tell!
Happy Birthday Merle!
*My mom even brings home the butter in her take home box. (Weird)
*I love a good book.
*I taught a crafty class the other night. I learned I don't like teaching classes
when I am not thrilled to bits by the subject or medium.
*Don't ever assume anything about me.
*I need an epi pen stat!
*I love the name Hollis!
*My favorite (read cheap) local car wash is closing! Frownie face!
*Is an apology really and apology when one demands it?
Happy Spring!!

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