Sunday, April 27, 2014

And Such

*Easter has come and gone and it will soon be MAY!! I can't believe it!
*I only like rain when I request it!
*I laughed when my nephew saw floaties in his water
and said they were tiny fish!
*A woman at the group home's fish died. We got new ones
I have not seen her so happy in months!!
*It is so good to see old friends, and also realize no ones life is perfect!!
*I think the guarding of dumpsters is DUMB!!
*People are more important than things. People forget!
*I would never have clean laundry if I lived in the olden days!
A whole day to boil, ring dry and hang wash only to iron it!! Sighh!
*I don't have a good book to read as of late!
*I would retire tomorrow if I could!
*When tiny play dates arrive unannounced. I love it!
Happy Spring! 

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