Sunday, December 22, 2013


*I am tired of the snow!
*I got stuck in my drive way last week while heading to work.
*I love a yummy nap!
*While at the store this weekend, I noticed a woman had something I wanted.
I asked her where she found it and she stated. "I'll run and get you a few!"
She reminded me of the joy of tiny thoughtfulnesses!
*I taught my Nef how to say Por Fa Vore!
*My even tinyer Nef thinks he can walk. Stay tiny Eli!
*I ran into a man w/ my cart this weekend..and it wasn't a tiny
run in and it was awkward.
*My brother thinks he is Santa and even looks like the Jolly old Soul!
*If I didn't have to go to Walmart for years, I'd be fine. I think I am over Walmarted!
*I sat by a newly engaged couple in church today...bad idea!
*I wish I could find some church shoes that I loved.
*My darling niece got braces. She looks like a teenaged.
*I hate scrapping my car!
*I love time off work. I wish it paid better!
Happy Christmas!

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