Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

In My Pond Puppet Book

*I visited my sweet little Eli yesterday!
 I gave him this book. He couldn't have been happier.
*Eli happiest baby alive!!
*Crying makes my eyes burn and headache FOREVER!
*I went to the dollar store yesterday and the shelves
were bare. It was like the world was coming to and end!
*I thought I locked my keys in my car yesterday and
nearly pooped my pants!
*The rear view mirror never lies!
*I hate black heads!
*I have missed the SUN!
All is calm all is bright!
Happy and Merry Christmas Eve!

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Jaren Wilcox said...

I ran into your blog because of a comment you made on an oilcloth tutorial. You said you'd made a scripture case. I was curious, clicked on your name and magically came to your blog. You. are. darling. I absolutely Love your short bullet points, your sense of simple. Your sense of humor. Thank you for a bit of joy on my night alone. Guilty pleasure surfing the web cause nobody's home. I have so many favorite parts of the few snippets I've read. But one of them is obedience=blessings, exact obedience=miracles. I was a missionary for the LDS church and the term exact obedience stuck out to me. Love it. Anyway, happy day and thanks for sharing.