Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yesterday my favorite Mr. came to spend the day!
(Don't worry Eli you are my favorite too!)
*Theodore loved playing w/ the baby and it melted my heart!
*Theodore can play the bells!
*Theodore tastes each color of water color before he paints!
*Theodore yells to tell Lucy just what she should do.
*Theodore likes to eat while on foot!
*Theodore likes cheese.
*Theodore hates naps!
*Theodore will let you know, w/ the shake of the hand when he is
done swinging!
*Theodore's thumb less mittens make his hands look like penguins hands!
*Theodore loves buttons! (phones, remotes ect ect.)
*Theodore's mommy gets a mad face when Theodore cries for an hour before
his nap and then only stays asleep one hour).
*Theodore will let you know when the answer is "NO!"
I love you little Dory!!

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