Saturday, July 6, 2013


*Harmony the above door color and chair
would look FANTASTIC on your stoop!
*The thrifting Gods have been good to me!
*I didn't do a darn thing on the
4th and it was oh so good for the soul!!
*America I love thee!! 
*Fodie my tiny nephew, teased me today by picking up my
keys walking toward the door, waving and acted like he
was going to still my car.
That cute kid forgot he was only a year old.
*A random woman told me I was "very smart" today!
*We have had a week w/ temperatures over 100 and
I honestly almost died!
*Don't understand the draw to fake bombs
being fun? They are just to LOUD!
*It is large garbage pick up in the Sugar House neighborhood in
SLC I decided I need to drive a very large truck!
*I need a vacation. Anyone have a guestroom?
*If I could have a pedicure a week I'd be fine w/ it!
*My sister is going to Seattle, I'm jelly!
*My car is perma nasty from the sprinklers and dust combo
it sports daily!
Happy July Ya'll!!

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