Sunday, January 13, 2013


*I love that Baby Theodore's lips are stuck in the 
"fish lip" position. 
*I love that I didn't die when my car slid on the 
free way 40 times yesterday. 
*I love that I do not sleep under an over pass cuz
"Baby it's cold outside!!!
*I love that I don't have to scrape my car EVERY
DAY because it is stink'n hard work and 
makes my feet and my hands COLD! And it makes me a tad bit bitter!
*I love that I made it to church at all. I woke up w/ a scream'n
headache only to realize I forgot to set my alarm! 
*I love that a sweet two year old was super excited to 
see my walk in late. She pointed at me w/ gusto!
*I love that I was able to find my car in the church parking lot
even though it was so dirty I didn't know if it was her or not! 
*I love a one day adventure!
*I love that we can learn from the lessons in church even if we
have heard the topic one million times! 
*I love wool socks! 
*I LOVE puddles of sun!!

Funniest quote of the day! Given by my Sunday School Teacher:
"Sometimes I am so embarassed to be me!"

I love that I can pretend it is February when I know full well it is still 
the dark cold days of January! 
I love to pretend Spring is right around the corner!! 

1 comment:

Hippy said...

I love that Theodore is frightened to death of that little singing doll.

I love that you're so chippy and creative.

I love that you appreciate that little things in life.