Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Report!

Over the holidays I read the great stack below. I highly recommend them all.
All but the True Sister. True Sisters about Mormon pioneer women
written by a woman who is not LDS and is rather bitter. 

I am so tired of being cold! Today it has warmed to a balmy
28 degrees and it feels warm. Oh thank goodness!!

I LOVE the Flower Patch Farm Girl!! I mean really love. I love her
rainbow of brown kids even more. (If that is possible.)
Ms. FPFG's friend needs help getting a sweet
little Ms. to be a forever part of her family. 
Would you like to help? 
Send a dollar!! 

I am having dental issues! I want to lay on the flow and cry as it
is so frustrating.  I just keep thinking at least I am 
not a pioneer on the plains. Sighhhh!

Dear Spring! Can't wait!! 

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I have a stack right now that is down to about 20 from the library-it was 43!! I love my books! I hear you about wishing for Spring--me too!!! :)